Minoraura Toe Komachi Walk Raku-Rakuraku Supporters 1 sheet entered Hygiene medical supporter pollution hallux care

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"Toei Komachi walking comfortably supporters software 1 piece" is for going out actively to the hallux valgus, exercising the muscles of the soles of the foot by walking, rebuilding the Length arch for hallux valgus It is a supporter. Because it is Ultra-thin, you can wear shoes with the supporter attached. Fix the metatarsal joint softly by special material and knitting method. Soft type most suitable for Takashi Kinoe / Widening people. Antimicrobial and deodorized finished. Both left and right, 1 piece entered.


category Sanitary care
Material item Supporters hallux valgus care
Product brandToe Komachi
Internal capacity1 left and right dual use
AFree (22 - 26 cm)
please note【Precautions for use】
● If you have trauma, shisa, rash, athlete's foot, atopy, please do not use. For people with weak skin, please look at the situation with short time use.
● If you feel an abnormality during use, stop using it immediately, please consult your doctor.
● Protect hallux valgus Please do not use it for purposes other than fixing.
Please check carefully ●, please purchase. (Please consider the notation of correspondence as average. It may be difficult to wear depending on the length of the toes and the shape of the feet.)
● other, please use this notice.

【Precautions on installation】
When you attach the supporter, you may feel the thumb tight. In that case, please attach so that the tip of the supporter is left a little without forcing the fingertip. Especially for winding claws, please be sure to use your fingertips.

【Washing Instructions】
Please wash separately from the ones with different colors.
Quality indicationOrganization: Nylon, poly Urethane

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