Minorua Toe Komachi Walk Raku-Raku Supporter Hard 1 piece

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"Toei Komachi Walking Raku-Raku Supporter Hard 1 Piece" is for going out actively to the hallux valgus, exercising the muscles of the soles of the foot by walking, rebuilding the Length arch, for hallux valgus correction It is a supporter. Because it is Ultra-thin, you can wear shoes with the supporter attached. Hard type for the latter term. Antimicrobial and deodorized finished. Both left and right, 1 piece entered.


Product brandToei Komachi
Internal capacity1 left and right dual use
AFree (22 - 26 cm)
Usage notes【Precautions for use】
● If you have trauma, shisa, rash, athlete's foot, atopy, please do not use. For people with weak skin, please look at the situation with short time use.
● If you feel an abnormality during use, stop using it immediately, please consult your doctor.
● Protect hallux valgus Please do not use it for purposes other than fixing.
Please check carefully ●, please purchase.

【Precautions on installation】
When you attach the supporter, you may feel the thumb tight. In that case, please attach so that the tip of the supporter is left a little without forcing the fingertip. Especially for winding claws, please be sure to use your fingertips.

【Washing instructions】
Please wash separately from the ones with different colors.
Quality indicationOrganization: Nylon, poly Urethane

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