Oh charcoal silver sorority soothing eye mask

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"Eye mask silver of healing charm" is an eye mask that supports sleeping using the new material Ceramic charcoal-containing sheet on the entire surface of Inside. The far infrared rays of Ceramic coals heals tired eyes on personal computers and televisions. Ceramic charcoal far infrared radiation · Dehumidification · Deodorizing effect can be enjoyed. Adjustable surface fastener. Ideal for those who can not sleep well, those who are too tired with eyes too much. Also please accompany you to your nap and travel.


category Sanitary care
Material item Eye mask
Product brandOya coal club
sizeVertical 95 x Length 180 x Thickness 10 (mm)
Usage notesFor cleaning please wipe off the part stained with a wet towel or cloth, please do the day in the shade.
MaterialExterior material: Ceramica Satin
Inside material: Urethane
Inner material: Ceramic carbon sheet, pile fabric (Cotton 75%, Polyester 25%)
Other: rubber, Velcro tape

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