() Iitomi / itomi Huge bedpiece Kyo Yuzen hand printed textile Yukata obflux cross pattern (gutter grinding) cloth

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Deep taste of hand printing.
"Iitomi" is a long-established Japanese clothing manufacturer founded in 1841. We are continuing to support Japan's tradition as a bridge that connects Kokoro's mind to the next generation, such as a joint project with Yoko Akitsuki of kimono stylist and collaboration sandals with Hishiya Carrebroso.
This is the Yuquat series of Kyoto Yuzen, it is a full-fledged cloth of "hand printing" by hands of craftsmen. To make a plate for each color, manual labor and time are spent on multicolor printing by hand. Dye is firmly imprinted on the fabric, so it is a feature that can express deep color.

Fabric width: 41.5 cm
Fabric: Shinran Ranmei Cotton 100%


category Cloth


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