Tamagawa Material Riva Gauze F 12 sanitary medical disinfectant gauze

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"Riba GauzeF 12 packaging" is a disinfectant solution Gauze which used a film not adhering to the wound. The disinfectant solution was included in Gauze and packaged one by one with Aluminum bag. With tweezers with no hands. Adhesive sheet for fixing. Quasi-drugs.


category Sanitary care
Material item Disinfectant Solution Gauze
Product brandTamagawa
Contents12 packages (with tweezers, adhesive sheet for fixing)
AGauze / 50 × 40 (mm), adhesive sheet / 83 × 70 (mm)
please note1. Do not use next person.
(1) The affected area is now in the range
(2) Deep scratches and badly injured people
2. The next person please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.
(1) a person receiving medical treatment by a doctor
(2) Persons or their families are allergic persons
(3) People who have had allergy symptoms with medicine
3. Please use only for external use.
4. Please read the explanation document carefully before use.
5. Please keep in a cool place not exposed to direct sunlight.
6. Please keep out of reach of children.
7. If it adheres to clothing, it turns yellow and it is difficult to decolorize, so please be careful.
IndicationCuts, scratches, stabs, scratches, shoes, sterilization / disinfection / covering of the wound surface
Dosage regimenOpen the Aluminum bag, take out the inside Gauze with tweezers, place the lustrous surface on the wound, and cover and fix with the attached fixing adhesive sheet. Also, when disinfecting the wound surface please wipe with Gauze surface (surface without luster). If the wound surface is particularly small, please fold it appropriately or use it after cutting.
Ingredients · QuantityAcrylic 0.2% solution in 1 package (1.8 g) of this product ... 1.5 g
Base cloth ... 0.3 g
Additives: glycerin

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