St. Dry Pet Sucking Large Square Sheet 2 pieces of daily necessities dehumidifying sheet

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"Dry Pet Sucking Large Square Sheet 2 Sheets" is a dehumidifying sheet that quickly absorbs moisture and odors from the storage space that the Large Square sheet is concerned about and keeps it comfortable. Since it contains 2 Large Square sheets, it can be used freely in a wide range of applications, such as laying, covering, and placing in a gap. Dehumidifying effect is regenerated by drying in the sun and can be used repeatedly.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Dehumidifying sheet
Product brandDry pet
Internal capacity120gx2 sheets
how to use* Please use in a storage space where moisture is anxious with the playback reminder side up.

(Dehumidification effective period)
1 year (depends on temperature and humidity conditions)
* If Stain or Fluffing is noticeable on the surface of this product, or if the yellowing is strong, replace it with a new “Dry Pet 2 Large Square Sheet”.

(Standard usage)
2 sheets in a storage space with a capacity of 730L
Sheets: 30cmx60cm

(Standard dehumidification (water equivalent))
140ml with 2 sheets (70ml per sheet)
(In the case of 25 degrees and humidity 90%)

(How to play)
When the playback notification turns pink, please let the sun dry for more than half a day in direct sunlight at high hours. You can use it when you return to blue. (When the temperature is low or the humidity is high, it may not be regenerated with one sun-drying.)

(Processing after use)
When you are finished using it, please dispose of it according to the local garbage disposal regulations.

(Preservation method)
Store in a sealed environment, away from direct sunlight and hot and humid places.
Since this product absorbs moisture when opened, use all (two) at once.
please note● Be careful of mischief and mischievous infants.
● This product can not be eaten.
● Be careful not to get the medicine in your eyes.
● Recycling with a microwave, stove, iron, stove, kotatsu, etc. is not possible because the bag may peel.
● Do not handle the sheet roughly.
● Do not wash. Performance may be degraded.
● Do not cut this product.
● When opening, heat may be generated depending on the nature of the drug, but the temperature will decrease with time.
● Do not use other than the purpose.
First aid● If you put it in the rod, immediately exhale and gargle. If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately after drinking water.
● In case you get in your eyes, rinse with running water and consult your doctor immediately.
componentType B silica gel
Country of originChina
Contact informationST Corporation


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