Menicon menicon hard lense case set 2 pieces sanitary medical case hard lense case

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"Menicon Hard Lense Case Set 2 pieces" is a case for a hard lense with a cute pastel color 3 color set.


category Sanitary care
Material item Case for hard lense
Product brandMenicon
Internal capacity2 pieces
how to use● Include the liquid specified in the lense case for up to 9 minutes and immerse the lense completely.
● For each use, wash the lense case thoroughly with tap water (running water), replace the liquid and save lense.
Usage notes● Please tighten the cap.
● Do not wash with soap, detergent, hot water.
Please pay attention to the edge of the case and store the lense.
● If you extend the holder with your fingers forcibly, it will not return, so we recommend replacing the lense when it becomes difficult to store it in the holder.
● Please keep it in a place where little child's hand does not reach.
Contact InformationMenicon Customer Center Menicor / 0120-103109 (Reception hours / 9: 00-18: 00 ※ excluding holidays, the day)

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