Japan Health and Personal Care - HC0536 nu-metal claws Kiri *AF27*

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"HC 0536 New Metal Clawmet" is a sharp sharpness of stainless steel blade, nail clipper which is excellent in durability. Easy to cut nail, side stopper case with U-cut. The claws of etching process finish nails smoothly and well. I use soft resin, which is gentle to my fingers.


category Sanitary care
Material item Nail clippers (beakkiri)
Product brandShell seal nail clipper
Internal capacity1 piece
(Exterior)140 x 40 x 22 (mm)
Usage notes● Falcon nails are the source of injury. Please be careful not to cut too much.

(Handling Precautions)
● Since it is a cutlery, please be careful handling.
Please keep in a safe place out of reach of children ●.
Quality indicationBlade part: stainless steel Cutter steel Lever: Zinc die casting, chrome Plating finish ● Stopper case: elastomer resin (containing antibacterial agent)
● File: Stainless Steel

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