Sennenq [moxa cautery] moxa Direct moxibustion Small cut

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category Health care
Material ・ Item Moon moxa Movement
Product brandShenan moxibustion
Internal capacity28g (1008 pieces)
how to use● How to cut off cuts
1. Mark with a pen or other point.
2. Take one piece of cutlet with original tweezers and twist it by your own proper amount.
3. Mildly moisten the marked point and place the twisted twig on it.
4. Please attach a fire with incense stick to the top of the moxa.
5. If you continue moxibustion, after the fire has completely disappeared, hold down the ashes ash lightly and let them put a new ape on it.
6 Please change the number of moisture to be added in 1 time depending on the condition of your skin and body of the day while using 3-5 grains as a guide.
7. When you are finished, let's clean your skin (point) with moisture cleanly with a clean cloth.
please note● If you are chopsticks with chopsticks for the first time, please receive the guidance of experts such as acupuncturists.
● If you eat more than a certain amount of rice cake, please contact us as it will cause rice cake.
● If you hit the "灸", please stop the chopsticks for a while and keep rest.
● If you feel too intense, do not put up with it, please immediately remove the eyebrows.
● Please do not remove the burnt ashes when you eat rice cakes continuously.
● If Sunburn stains develop suppuration without observing the prohibited items, stop immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Contact informationSenefa Corporation: 0120-78-1009
Reception hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays closed)


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