Sennenq [moxa cautery] moxa Direct moxibustion Small cut

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"Senken moxibustion Ibukiri Mogasa with tweezers tweezers" is 28 g of moxa, which is easy to use Mizugusa and carved one by one. Because the original texture of Momogase is utilized as it is, it is easy to loosen and the fire is soft. Since dedicated tweezers are attached, it is easy to take out and can shorten the moxibustion time.


category Sanitary care
Material item Moon moxa Movement
Product brandShenan moxibustion
Internal capacity28 g (1008 trucks)
how to use● How to cut off cuts
1. Please mark with a pen with a point.
2. Take one piece of cutlet with original tweezers and twist it for your proper amount.
3. Mildly moisten the marked point and place the twisted twig on it.
4. Please attach a fire with incense stickers to the top of the moxa.
5. If you are going to continue moxibustion, after the fire has completely disappeared, hold down the ashes ash lightly and let them put a new ape on it.
6 Please change the number of moisture that you can put in 1 time depending on the condition of your skin and body of the day while using 3-5 grains as a guide.
7. When you are finished, let's clean your skin (point) with moisture cleanly with a clean cloth.
please note● For those who will be given moxibustion for the first time, please accept the guidance of experts such as acupuncturists.
● If you exceed a suitable amount of many moxies, "Moxibustion" will occur, please stop.
● When you become "moxibustion", please stop your moxibustion for a while and keep it in a rest state.
● When you feel excessive heat, do not take long, please remove the moxa immediately.
● Do not remove burned ash when placing moxibustion continuously.
● If you do not observe the prohibited matter and Sunburn dust is suppressed, discontinue immediately and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Contact InformationSenafa Corporation: 0120-78-1009
Reception hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays closed)

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