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"Snoring Rencia" is a taping that supports mouth so that it will not open easily, suppresses mouth breathing and calms snoring. If you are conscious, you can open your mouth, talk and drink water, you can safely use it.


category Sanitary care
Material item Snoring countermeasure all
Product brandRencia
weight16 g
size60 * 12 * 140 (mm)
how to use(1) Remove 1 piece of snoring Russia from the mount, and stretch the end slightly down the nose. (Since the shape of the face has individual differences, please adjust the proper position.)
(2) Push the bottom part lightly while holding it so that the end part does not peel off, stretch under the lower lip so that the whole part becomes U shape. (Please do not block the mouth and lips, as breathing may be hindered.)
(3) Snoring If the whole Russia sticks evenly without sticking. (Please confirm that you can open your mouth.)
(4) Please paste to the extent that the mouth closes naturally without pulling the face strongly.
Usage notes● Do not swallow, please keep and use out of reach of children.
● Snoring Russia Before use, please make sure you can breathe only with your nose and use it.
Please do not use this product when nasal breathing can not be done.
● Medical tape / adhesive that is difficult to cause allergies is used, but please do not use if allergic symptoms occurred during use.
● Do not use Scratch on the skin of the application area, if there is inflammation or roughness etc.
● Avoid continuous use over average sleeping time (more than 10 hours).
● If you feel any abnormality during use, please stop using it immediately.
MaterialMicro Boia rayon
Country of originAmerica
Contact InformationCustomer window
03-5441-4515 (9: 30-17: 30 excluding weekends and holidays)

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