Nisshin Medical Device (hygiene goods) Elmo Surgical Tape (25 mm x 9 m) 12 volumes Sanitary and Medical Care Surgical Tape All

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「エルモ サージカルテープ(25mm×9m) 12巻入」は、かぶれにくく、高い粘着力でしっかり固定するサージカルテープです。
Because it uses a non-irritant adhesive, it adheres gently to the skin. Because it is flexible and has excellent moisture permeability, it has less stuffiness at the attached part and is less likely to cause rash.


category Sanitary care
Material item All surgical tape
Product brandElmo
Internal capacity12 volumes
使用上の注意● Please do not stick directly to the wound.
● Please do not stick to the same place for a long time.
● In use, if symptoms such as rash or itching occur, please discontinue use.
Storage precautions直射日光が当たる場所や、高温・多湿の所へは保管しないでください。
Contact InformationNisshin Medical Device Co., Ltd.
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