Chinko Hanger Container Keep Case Hygiene Medical Medicine Carreder · Drink Forgetfulness Prevention

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"Medicine Keep Case" is a convenient pill case that you can organize your medicine for one week before breakfast, morning, afternoon, evening. Powder and granule type can also be arranged cleanly and prevents forgetting to take medicine. Because it is easy to take even small medicines with a round bottom, and slip is attached to the bottom, it is easy to take out medicines steadily securely. It is easier to open by the big lid of the lid, and Asa, Hiruu, because of the sleeping and the day seals, it has become big and clear character notation. It is four types a day before Asa · Hiiru · · · before sleeping.


category Sanitary care
Material item Medication Carreder · Prevent accidental drinking
Product brandShinko hanger
Internal capacity1 box
ColorClear / Ivory
AWidth 248 * Length 233 * Height 92 (mm)
Usage notes● Do not use organic solvents (naphthalene, para - zol, benzine, removal solution) as it may damage the case.
● When opening and closing, please be careful not to pinch your hands.
● Avoid using it by the fire, please avoid.
● Impossible opening and closing of the lid causes breakage, so please be careful enough.
● Capsules, tablets, etc must always be sealed and stored in a case.
Quality indicationBody · Lid: AS resin anti-slip: CR sponge
Contact InformationChinko Hanger Co., Ltd.

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