Aso Pharmaceutical Delgado Addiction Cotton stick 70 bottles sanitary medicine black Cotton stick

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"Delgard hammock Cotton stick of 70 bottles" is a black Cotton stick of a spiral head which was developed for uneven processing of the surface ball part and for earpicking. Easy soft touch and refreshing. You can see the clear Stain. It is a Cotton stick that seems to be addictive once used. Chitosan antibacterial processing.


category Sanitary care
Material item Black Cotton stick
Product brandDelgado
Internal capacity70
sizeDiameter 55 * Height 85 (mm)
UseTo care for eyes, nose etc.
Usage notes● Keep your hands clean before use.
● Cotton Please use it so as not to touch the body. (Especially when using it for infants, we recommend using only Cotton bodies on one side.)
● Please use within the range that you can see from the surface holding a part of 1.5 cm from the Cotton body of the use side so as not to put too much in the ear or nose.
● Please do not use children only.
● In the unlikely event you feel unusual, please consult your doctor.
● Please keep out of reach of children.

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