Gray ash chemical blood flow improvement shoulder hotton 4 pieces of packs

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"The blood flow improvement shoulder hotton 4 pieces" is a thermal sheet attached to clothes, which improves blood flow with the heat of 52 degrees (*) and loosens the shoulders and so on.
* Thermal sheet surface temperature ● Relieve muscle stiffness ● Relieve pain in neuralgia and muscle pain ● Improve blood circulation 4 pieces for both shoulders General medical device


Product brandBlood flow improvement
Internal capacity4 sheets
Medical device notification number28B3X10011000023
how to use(1) Take out the thermal sheet from the outer bag immediately before use.
(2) Put a thermal sheet on the clothes.
please noteDo not use for mucosa, eczema, rash, wounds.
● Do not use people with fever in the affected area due to bruises, sprains etc, those who can not be removed immediately by their own intention, those with blood circulation disorder in the hands and feet.
● If you have experienced allergic symptoms due to medicine or cosmetics, those with impaired temperature and circulation such as diabetes, those who are pregnant, those who are modulating the body, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use Please consult.
componentIron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, water absorbent resin, salt
Product SpecificationsHeat generation temperature: 52 degrees (heat sheet surface temperature)
Duration: 8 hours (time to last over 40 degrees)
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationKashiwa Chemical Co., Ltd. Customer Service Office


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