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"Chosei moxibustion software 200 taste" is a full-fledged moxibustion which can be done at home, featuring soft heat and pleasant stimulation of moxibustion. Since it is lined with a mount with a seal, there are also few garbage, and it is possible to paste it on your skin easily just by removing moxa from the mount. For business. Small type of smoke.


category Sanitary care
Material item Moxibustion all
Product brandYamasaomi Mogusa
Internal capacity200 Sou (50 x 4 x 4)
how to use1. Push up with the fingertip from the back of the mount.
2. Paste it on your skin.
3. Turn off Momusha.

* When you feel strongly, please remove immediately. There is a possibility of blistering.
* Please discard after checking that fire has completely disappeared and it is getting cold after use.

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