Sennenq [moxa cautery] Biwako C type Stick moxibustion

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"Senen moxibustion Lake Biwa C type refill bar stick 10 MOUNTAIN set" is refilling moxibustion that can be used for type A and type B instruments. 100% natural wormwood used. It relaxes pain and pain with good heat. Also, you can adjust moxibustion time and thermal energy yourself.


category Sanitary care
Material item Moon moxa Movement
Product brandShenan moxibustion
Internal capacity10 pieces
how to use1. Insert a bar stick into the body and push it out.
2. Put the fire on the tip of the extruded stick. Please use the bars of MOGABURA without change.
3. Pull up the bar stick, align the groove of the main unit's Hardware with the safety fitting, and fix it.
4. Cover the moxibustion point so as to cover it, and adjust the bar stickiness.
Usage notes1. Do not use next person.
An infant
2. Please do not use in the following part.
● Facial, mucosal, eczema, rash, wound.
3. The next person please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.
People who have ever experienced allergic symptoms (eg, rash, redness, itching, rash etc) by medicine or cosmetics etc.
● People in pregnancy.
● Person who has disorders such as diabetes, warming sensation and circulation.
4. Please pay attention to the following when using.
● Be sure to wear safety accessories.
● Never use clothes etc from above.
● When using, separate the distance between the lid and wire mesh ignited 2 - 3 cm or more, please adjust the appropriate temperature before using.
● When you sweat, when your skin is wet, please wipe off moisture well before use.
● Because this product uses the Movement, smoke often comes out, so please be careful of ventilation. However, there is no hindrance to the body.
● Since sensitive low-temperature Sunburn may occur, such as those sensitive to skin and those prone to get rash, consider the condition of your own skin.
● When feeling hot, move the place or stop using it.
● Please avoid being used immediately before bathing immediately after.
● Do not use in the same place for a long time.
● During use, ash will accumulate more heat will decrease. In order to keep the calorific value constant, sometimes you remove the safety device and please pull off the ashes of the bar sticky.
please notePlease keep it out of reach of children ●.
● After use, please use Fire Caps, please return to the storage case after confirming that it completely disappeared. Since it uses fire, please pay attention to fire.
● When using the main body and the safety device for a long time, there is a case where the tarpa adheres and plugs up. Because fire will get worse, please remove occasional ticks.
● Please keep away from moisture on the characteristics of Move. Please never wet with water etc.
Contact InformationSenafa Corporation: 0120-78-1009
Reception hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays closed)

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