Apix DC living fan 30 cm (with remote control) AFL - 330 R - CG Ivoryx Champagne Gold

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"DC living fan 30 cm (with remote control) AFL - 330 R - CG Ivoryx Champagne Gold" is a fan with DC motors, realizing delicate air volume adjustment, quiet sound, energy saving. It is easy to operate with a thin remote control.
● Three-dimensional swinging by combining upper and lower head shaking / left and right head shaking of 3D 3D head vibration. Efficiently circulate air in your room.
● 7-bladed fluffy light wing feather We adopted exclusive 7 blades according to Diameter. We will deliver a comfortable blast with a design aimed at the wind touch "Fuwa light" to people.
● Heat Stroke Control Automatic operation Adjust the air volume automatically according to the temperature near the main unit. ※ It does not prevent heat stroke itself.


Product brandApics
Product Specifications[Product Specifications]
W: 355 x D 325 x H 770 - 1000 mm
Weight :() 3.6 kg
Power supply: AC 100 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 18 W (minimum 1.5 W)
Power Cord Length :() 1.8 m
Feather Diameter :() 30 cm
Material Body: PP, ABS, PS Front guard: Steel rear guard: ABS blade: AS

● DC motor installed ● Air volume adjustment: 9 levels ● Up / down automatic head swing: () 100 degrees (down () 10 degrees / up (90 degrees)
● Left and right automatic head swing: () 45/75/90 degrees ● On / off timer: 1/2/4 hour ● Mode style (rhythm / good night)
● Heatstroke Control Measures Automatic Operation ● Thin Remote Controller with Remote Control Holder ● 7 Sheet Blade (Diameter 30 cm)
● Child lock function ● Color: CG Ivoryx Champagne Gold
Country of originChina

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