Lisdan Chemical Lisdan Chemical Socktail Hole Repair Seals Ina Pet Free Seat Dark Blue Daily Necessities

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"Risdan Chemical Socktail Hole Repair Sticker Napa Free Sheet Navy Blue" can easily repair holes in socks by peeling off the stickers. Because it is similar to the material texture of socks, it has elasticity and fits your feet. Depending on the idea you can also use it for repairing T - shirts and underwear Hotsure. You can also cut and use it in any shape you like. Pierced repair of school socks and sports socks, reinforcement where thinned.
● Free seat


category Daily necessities
MakerLisdan Chemical
Product brandLisdan Chemical
Internal capacity1 sheet
Colornavy blue
sizeLength 13 cm x Length 12 cm
how to use(1) Turn the sockets inside out and arrange them so that the seal can be easily affixed to the part with the hole. (You can stick it more easily if you stick it after putting it inside out.)
(2) Select a larger seal than the hole and paste it so that the hole is in the center. After pasting, please be sure to push the seal firmly with the palm and crimp it.
(3) If you stick it from the surface, you can repair even stronger. When strongly adhering, please crimp for 3-5 seconds at low temperature using an iron.
Usage notes● We recommend turning inside out at the stage of becoming thinner and sticking it on the face that hits your skin.
● Stain and others will weaken the adhesive strength, so please clean up the adhesive surface and paste so that Wrinkles will not enter.
● Once glued it will not peel off, please check the position before sticking, please paste.
● Paste the seal before wearing, be sure to crimp it by pushing firmly with the palm of your hand.
● Please do not wash immediately after sticking.
● Please use a larger seal than the hole.
● If the hole is small close the hole as much as possible and paste it on the back side. It will be harder to peel off than when it is stuck on the surface. If the hole is large, please paste on both front and back sides.
● Materials subjected to water-repellent finish, etc., long material with bristle feet, material with irregularities may not be glued.
● If you want to further increase the adhesive strength, we recommend using an iron. In that case, please do not slide for 3 to 5 seconds at low temperature and please attach the weight while bonding with crimping.
● In the case of dark colors, there may be Fade after washing.
● When washing repeatedly many times, it may come off peeling little by little from the edge of the seal.
Product Specifications【Application】 Socks hole repair seal 【Specification】
Color ●: navy blue ●: length 13cm x Length 12cm
● Quantity: 1 sheet
MaterialBody: Cotton · Polyester
Adhesive resin: Acrylic resin
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationLisdan Chemical Co., Ltd. Customer Counseling Room

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