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"Anpanman face lunch dish" is Anpanman's face type baby lunch dish (tableware). The mouth, nose and cheek are in the middle dish, you can remove it and warm it with a microwave oven (with lid for microwave oven). We will make kids lunch happily.


category Baby & Kids
Material item Baby tableware
Product brandRec
Internal capacity3 pieces of lunch plate body, lid (common to nose and cheeks), 3 dishes (common to nose and cheeks), 1 lid (for mouth), 1 inner dish (for mouth)
(Exterior)56 * 267 * 250 (mm)
Usage notes· Please do not put near fire.
· Can not be used in direct flame · orbn · grill.
· Please use within the range of heat resistance / cold tolerance temperature. (Displayed on the bottom of the main unit)
· When washing, please use soft sponge and kitchen detergent.
· Please do not put in dishwasher or dish dryer. Also, please do not put in hot air / disinfection cabinet for business use. There is a fear of deformation.
· Do not boil disinfect the medium dish for more than 5 minutes.

【Precautions for using microwave oven】
· For the microwave oven, only the inner pan and the lid can be used. Be sure to remove it from the main unit and use it.
· The body can not be used for microwave ovens.
· Please do not cook in the sky absolutely.
· Please avoid heating cooked foods such as sweet potatoes and pumpkins with a lot of oil and sugar. The temperature may be very high and the food may be rubbed.
· If the amount of food is small, or if the food is low in moisture, please shorten the heating time. Plastic may melt if heating time is too long. Please set the timer short, please heat while seeing the state.
· When heating carrots, tomatoes, etc., pigment may permeate inside the product, but hygiene is not a concern.
· If the product cracks, cracks, chips, etc., if it deforms remarkably, please stop using it immediately.
· When the microwave oven turntable is Metal, please be sure to put it on a dish such as China.
· For details on the use of other, please follow the instruction manual of the microwave oven.
Quality indicationMain raw material Resin: ABS resin Heat resistant temperature: 80 degrees Cooling temperature: minus 20 degrees Lid · Inner dish Resin: Polypropylene Heat resistant temperature: 140 degrees Cooling tolerance temperature: minus 30 degrees

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