Sanko only adsorption adsorption adsorption Luncheon mat heart 2 pieces Baby & Kids Baby Luncheon Mat

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"Adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption adsorption lunch mat heart 2 pieces" is easy to clean, easy to wipe water and Stain because it is water repellent processed. It also prevents table stains and scratches. Wash with repeated washing machine. You can cut freely with scissors.
Items: Vertical 35 cm x Horizontal 45 cm / 2 pieces


category Baby & Kids
Material item Baby Luncheon Mat
Product brandJust pick up
Internal capacity2 sheets
how to use(1) Please peel off the film on the back side and paste it on the table.
(2) Hold by the hand so that the mat will be adsorbed.
please note● The table can not be used for tables that are rough.
● After peeling the mat, it may be easy to slide, so in that case please use a weak alkaline detergent or an item that diluted alkaline detergent and wipe it with a cloth.
● When washing with vegetable soap, solid soap, or pure soap used, please rinse thoroughly. Also, please do not use bleach and softener.
● Do Lamb type washing machine, you can wash, but because it causes Wrinkles · shape collapse · shrink, please set it to soft mode (hand wash mode). (Please do not use a dryer absolutely.)
● Water repellent processing is not waterproof, so leave it for a long time or depending on the usage situation, there is a risk of water infiltration. When getting wet please wipe early.
● After washing, please dry after thoroughly drying. If it contains moisture, the adsorption part on the back side may peel off.
● Please do not put in place where it is near fire or hot.
● Please do not use it other than its original purpose.
Quality indicationSurface: Polyester 100%
Back side: Acrylic resin (with catechin)
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationSuncoe Consumer Service Division
TEL 0120-87-1149
Telephone reception hours Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays) AM 9: 00 - 12: 00 / PM 1: 00 - 5: 00

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