Tamagawa Material Care Heart Paste and fix it Adhesive bandage (hand / elbow) S Medical bandage all

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"Adhesive bandage (hand · elbow) S fixed to paste and paste care heart is an adhesive bandage that is perfectly fitted to the joint and is difficult to shift by cutting and pasting. Gauze, to fix ship. By sticking, there is no need for lap winding and it is economical. Use acrylic adhesive with little rash.
● Hand, Elbow


category Sanitary care
Material item All bandages
Product brandCare heart
A3.8 cm x 5 m
how to use(1) Please cut with scissors according to the length of Gauze etc.
(2) Peel off the backside paper from the center.
(3) Paste from above such as Gauze.
please note● Keep the affected area clean and dry well before use.
● Please do not stick directly to the place with eczema, rash etc, the wound.
● Do not use people with weak skin, those who do not fit your skin.
● Because it will cause rash, please do not stick it with it stretched out.
● Please be careful as pulling strongly and rolling may hinder blood circulation.
● If symptoms such as rash, redness, itch, etc. appear due to use of this product, stop using it immediately and consult your doctor.
When peeling ● Please slowly peel along the flow of body hair so as not to damage the skin.
● Because this product is used up, it can not be used repeatedly.
Please keep it out of reach of children ●.
● After opening, please avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a clean place with less humidity.
● Do not store in high temperature areas such as in a car.
Product Specifications●: 3.8 cm x 5 m
● Material Body: cellulose nonwoven fabric Adhesive: acrylic
Country of originJapan

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