Earth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Bath Roman Citrus Nigori Bath 680 g (bath) Daily Necessary Bath

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"Basroman citrus nibori bath 680g (bath additive)" enhances the warm bath effect and promotes blood circulation. A medicinal bath that is effective for cooling, fatigue recovery, and stiff shoulders. Ion's veil wraps around the body, and the feeling of warmth persists even after bathing. The scent of Japanese citrus (citrus, mandarin orange, kabosu). Contains vitamin C (moisturizing ingredient) and yuzu essential oil (fragrance). Allergy tested (not all people don't get allergic). Quasi-drug.
● Japanese citrus scent
● 22 times (* 30g use)


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item All bath additives
Product brandBus romance
Internal capacity680g
how to usePut 15 to 30 g of this product in hot water (200 L) of a bath, stir well and bathe. (The inner frame of the cap is 15g)
● You can also use it when taking a bath with your baby.
※ Please note that the tub and washroom will be slippery.

[Recommended bathing method]
We recommend taking a full bath for about 15 minutes in warm water at 39 degrees (40 degrees in winter). Put plenty of hot water on your shoulders and you can relax and relax yourself.
Usage notes● Do not use for uses other than bathing.
● If you have skin or physical problems, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.
● Should you observe any abnormalities such as rash, redness, itching or irritation on the skin during and after use, discontinue use and consult a doctor or pharmacist.
● Should you experience abnormalities such as urticaria or breathing during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor or pharmacist. In particular, use it with caution if you are allergic or have experienced hypersensitivity symptoms such as rashes due to drugs.
● This product can not be eaten. If a large amount is swallowed, take measures such as drinking water.
● After use, close the lid tightly, keep out of reach of children.

[About Nigori-type bathing agent]
● Because the ingredients will be slippery in the tub and washroom, be careful enough.
● The filter may be clogged when using it for a full-automatic water heater or a 24-hour bath, so check the instruction manual for your model before use.
● After use, the inside of the bath and the filter in the circulation hole may stain white. (Part of the cloudy component may be attached to the hot water inside the bath, etc., and it may come out of the circulation hole into the bathtub.)
● The bottom may become rough if you keep the remaining hot water in the bath for a long time, and the area around the bath may become white, but it becomes clean when it is rinsed.

[About use of remaining hot water]
● The remaining hot water can be used for washing, but rinse with fresh water. However, do not use in the following cases.
(Combination with softener, dressing, freshly grated clothing)
● Do not pour the remaining hot water on the plant as it may have an impact.
please note※ This product does not contain sulfur to destroy the bath tub.
component[Active ingredients] Dry sulfuric acid Na, hydrogen carbonate Na
[Other components] Ascorbic acid, glycine, 4-hydroxyphenyl-β-D-Luco viranoside, salicylic acid, oxidized Ti, sodium stearoyl glutamate, EPOE (300) POP (55), anhydrous pyrophosphate, bentonite, anhydrous silica Acid, fragrance, yellow 202 (1)
Country of originJapan
Effect / effect【efficacy】
Recovery from fatigue, heat, moisture, acne, cracks, tears, burns, roughness, squirts, tears, stiff neck, neuralgia, rheumatism, back pain, cold, sores, postpartum coldness
Contact informationEarth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center
TEL 0120-81-6456
Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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