Earth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Warm foam Tororo Carbonated water Luxurious bath 45g x 12 tablets (4 types x 3 tablets) Daily necessities Foaming bath agent (carbonated bath agent)

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The “Hot bubbles, Tori Carbonate Hot water, 45 g x 12 tablets (4 types x 3 tablets)”, the hot spring ingredients (sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate etc.) and carbon dioxide gas enhance the hot bath effect and promote circulation, for stiff neck, backache and coldness It is effective and relieves the fatigue of the day. A blazing hot water and ion wraps the body. The feeling of pokapoka lasts after the water rise. Blends the oil extracted from "Kinagi Hinoki" from Nagano Prefecture into the perfume. "Hinoki Kiso" is one of the three largest forests in Japan, and is known as a fragrant wood with a refreshing and soothing scent. Allergy tested (not all people are not allergic).
Carrot oil with 12 tablets (4 types x 3 tablets). Quasi drug.
● Four kinds of scents (A scent of Hinoki bath with pines, A scent of Hinoki with floats, A scent of Hinoki with floats, A scent of Hinoki with floats)


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Foaming bath agent (carbonated bath agent)
Product brandWarm foam
how to usePut 1 tablet (45 g) of this product in 200 L of hot water in the bath and dissolve it before bathing.
・ It may rarely cough during foaming. In that case, please ventilate.
・ As carbon dioxide dissolves in hot water even if bubbles disappear, the effect lasts long.
-Bathing within 2 hours after melting is more effective.

● Please use immediately after opening the bag.
● You can also use it when taking a bath with your baby.
● You can use hot water with a bath solution for hair washing, but use clean water for rinsing.
Usage notes[About Nigori-type bathing agent]
● Because the ingredients will be slippery in the tub and washroom, please be careful.
● The filter may be clogged when using it for a full-automatic water heater or a 24-hour bath, so check the instruction manual for your model before use.
● After use, the filter inside the bath pot or the circulation hole may stain white, so wash it well. (A part of the white turbidity component is attached to the hot water inside the bath pot, etc., and it may come out of the circulation hole into the bathtub.)
● The bottom may become rough if you keep the remaining hot water in the bath for a long time, and the area around the bath may become white, but it becomes clean when it is rinsed.
componentSodium bicarbonate Na *, dried sodium sulfate Na *, carbonate Na *, succinic acid, dextrin, PEG 6000, calcium silicate, hydrolysed collagen powder, hyaluronic acid Na-2, stearoyl phytosphingosine, shea butter, royal jelly extract, ethanol, liquid paraffin, Trimethylammoniohydroxypropyl hydroxyethylcellulose chloride, Ti oxide, Fragrance, (+/-) Blue 1, Yellow 4, Yellow 202 (1)
*: "Active ingredient", non-display is "other ingredient"
Country of originJapan
Effect / effect【efficacy】
Recovery from fatigue, heat, moisture, acne, cracks, tears, burns, roughness, squirts, tears, stiff neck, neuralgia, rheumatism, back pain, cold, sores, postpartum coldness
Contact informationEarth Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Customer Service Center
TEL 0120-81-6456
Reception hours 9: 00-17: 00 (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


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