Kashimura Kashimura Overseas Block Type Conversion Plat Gukamyi NTI-597 Home Appliance Overseas Travel Converter Plat

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"Kashimura Overseas Block Type Conversion Plat Gukamyi NTI - 597" is a conversion Platform for nine types (A, B, C, CB, O, SE, BF, B3, O2). It is compact and convenient for carrying. This one corresponds to overseas outlets (except for B3L in South Africa).


category Consumer electronics
Material item Conversion Plat for overseas travel
Product brandKashimura
please note● Conversion Platform is not an adapter to convert voltage. Please use it together with optional overseas traveling transformer.
● This product is subject to exception approval. It is a product for use overseas and can not be used in Japan.
Product SpecificationsMain body: 97 x 39 x 39 (mm)
Body weight: 115 g
Country of originChina

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