Diamond Aluminum IH Miracoro Egg Yaki M Home & Kitchen Tamagota Baking Machine · Egg Bread

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"IH Miracoro Tamagayaki M" is a trusted brand of inner fluorine resin processing, "DuPont" Teflon Platinum processing "+ Maru Lucoated Egg bread.
Metal spatula OK with rigid Ceramic double formulation.


category Home & Kitchen
Material item Egg baking machine · egg bread
Product brandDiamond Aluminum
sizeWidth 136 x Length 370 x 71 mm
Usage notesIn order to use for a long time ● Please adjust the strength of firepower according to the contents of cooking and the size of cooking utensils. Do not use it with excessive high heat or sky cook. It may damage the fluorine resin coating film. In addition, if you use firepower under medium heat, the fluorine resin coating will last longer.
● Please do not use hard objects such as metal spatula or sharp corner cookware. Please use a smooth one with trees, bamboo, The plastic etc.
● Please do not carve material on the surface of the body. Scratch the fluorine resin coating film.
● Do not give a sharp impact such as sudden temperature change or fall, such as placing cold water on the heated body. It may cause deformation.
● For cooking, when you use oil for each use to cook and cook, the hardness of stickiness will last longer.
● To prevent corrosion, please do not leave cook for a long time (over a whole day and night as an appointment).
please note● Please do not cook absolutely in the sky. If you cook in the sky, the fluorine resin coating film may be damaged, breakage of the handle or knob, deformation or melting of the main body may cause burns or fire. In addition, when preheating, please set the heating time to about 1 minute to 2 minutes. Preheating for a long time will be cooked empty.
● Since the handle grips, please adjust the thermal power. Please adjust the firepower so that the flame does not become bigger than the bottom.
● Before using for the first time, please confirm that there are no troubles such as wobble or crack in the handle or knob.
● When the seal is attached to the main unit, please use after removing the seal.
● When using for the first time, attach a neutral detergent to the sponge, wash well, dry it, please cook after thinly drawing oil.
● Please note that handles and knobs may get hot during cooking, after cooking.
● When you put it on a stove, please be sure to use it in a stable state as it may fall over due to the way of putting on and the shape of the virtue.
● Since it is Metal's cooking utensil, please do not use it in the microwave oven.
● By repeated heating and cooling, the screwed screwdriver may loosen during use. If it is used as it is, the handle may wobble and drop off, possibly causing accidents such as burns. When the handle got loose, please use the screw again.
● Handles and handles installed Hardware There are cases where the bottom of drainage and air vent is opened at the bottom. After washing this product, you may have water gathering inside the handle or handle attachment Hardware, please drain after draining sufficiently. If the hole is blocked, please use it after opening a hole with a sharp object. If water remains in the handle, steam or hot water blows out during cooking, so be careful because there is a danger of burns.
● For fry food such as tempura, there are risks of fire and burns, so please note the following points. · Never leave your side while cooking. The temperature of the oil rises in a short time, and it may fire. · Avoid using it with oil filled to the edge. Oil may catch fire. (Please keep the amount of oil as half a dozen of the depth as a measure.) · Please do not cover when cooking. The temperature of oil may become abnormally high and it may catch fire.
● If you put in a body that is hot and moist, please note that oil may splash and there is a risk of burns.
● When using with a temperature sensor attached stove (stove with SI sensor) please note the following points. · When cooked goods are not contained, please be careful because the power of the spring of the temperature sensor pushes up the frying pan from the bottom and it may tilt or fall over.
· Depending on the shape of Gotoku and the amount of food to be cooked, there is a danger of falling, so please cook while holding the handle.
- Please do not use with a remarkable Stain and deposits attached to the bottom. The temperature sensor may not work correctly.
MaterialBody: Aluminum Nium Alloy, Inner surface processing: Teflon Platinum + Marble processing, Outer surface processing: Heat resistant paint blue + Light blue spatter, Bottom thickness: 2.8 mm (main body) + 0.4 mm (SUS), handle: tree pattern Birthmark
Country of originVietnam
Contact InformationDial Aluminum Co., Ltd. reception hours 9: 00-12: 00 13: 00-17: 00
(Except Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

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