Tone tone (tone) Light weight milk bread Orange 14 cm KF - 02 OR Home & Kitchen Milk Bread

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"Tone (light tone) light milk bread orange 14 cm KF - 02 OR" is a milk bread of mini's useful for morning lunch and breakfast making. Light and durable Aluminum die casting. The inner surface is difficult to stick, and fluorine resin processing which is simple to clean is applied.
※ This product is gas fire only. IH cooking heater / electromagnetic cooker is not supported.
● Orange / OR


category Home & Kitchen
Material item Milk bread
Product brandtone (tone)
please noteThis product is exclusively for gas fire. IH cooking heater / electromagnetic cooker is not supported.
Product Specifications● Width: 15x width 29x Height 9.5cm
● Material Body: Aluminum Nium Alloy (bottom thickness 2.0 mm)
Handle: Phenol resin · ABS resin surface finish / Inner surface: Fluororesin coating film processing, Outer surface: Heat resistant paint finish
Country of originChina
Contact InformationTon Corporation
TEL 03-5825-1091

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