Asahi Electric ELPA (ELPA) LED bulb Halogen type E11 bulb color LDR 5L-M-E11-G004 Home appliances LED bulb (halogen bulb type)

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"Elpa (ELPA) LED Light Bulb Halogen Type E11 Light Bulb Color LDR 5L-M-E11-G004" has long life because it uses LED element as the light source. Since it is possible to save time and trouble of replacing the light bulb, it is suitable for a place difficult to replace. It is energy-saving design that can save electricity cost with low power consumption. CO2 emissions can also be reduced. As it glows lit quickly, it is also recommended for lighting in places that you frequently turn on / off.


category Consumer electronics
Material item LED bulb (halogen bulb shape)
Product brandElpa (ELPA)
please note● Please do not use for the following equipment absolutely.
· Lighting fixtures and circuits with dimming function · Instruments for HID lamp · Lighting fixtures and circuits with guides · Guidance etc. · Emergency lighting equipment · Insulation material construction equipment ● In cases where it can not be used with lighting equipment with human sensor Yes.
● When used with sealed type appliances, life may be shortened depending on the type of appliances.
● Do not use the product outdoors, in a state exposed to rain or water droplets, or in a place with high humidity.
Product Specifications● AC Power Supply: 100 V 50/60 Hz Shared ●: Total Length 66 x OD 50 mm
Mass: 44 g
● Rated power consumption: 4.6 W
● Rated input current: 85 mA
● Design life: 40000h
● Total luminous flux: 380 lm
● Beam flux: 130 lm
● Beam angle: 25 degrees ● Central luminous intensity: 1100 cd
● Light color: equivalent to light bulb ● For indoor use
Country of originChina
Contact InformationELPA Asahi Denki Co., Ltd. Customer Contact Osaka TEL: 072-871-1166
Tokyo TEL: 042-473-0159

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