Kenyu Warm Women's Body Care Neck Shoulder Warming Thermal Belt Wine Red 1 Cotton Hygiene Medical Thermal Pad for Shoulder and Neck

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"Warm-up girls' Body care neck shoulder hot water heating belt wine red 1 coffee" is a gel type cairo that can be used easily by simply tinning in a microwave oven.
It is convenient when you want a little warmth, such as when you want to warm your stomach or cooling measures in the summer.
Soft moisture gel tells you a pleasant warmth.
With a heat retaining brushed cover, you can heat it with a microwave oven keeping the gel bag in the cover.
Embroidered cute heart in a pink cover. You can remove the cover and do the laundry.
It's affordable and easy to use.
It can be used repeatedly and is economical.
It can also be used as a cooling gel when cooled.


category Sanitary care
Material item Thermal pad for shoulder and neck
Internal capacity1 coat
how to use(1) Put the gel bag in the cover
(2) Place the gel bag in the center of the microwave oven while setting it on the cover
(3) Confirm the high frequency output (wattage) of the microwave oven and heat it while observing the time · 500 W · · · 50 seconds · 600 W · · · 40 seconds
(4) Place it where you want to warm up

To cool down · Cool for more than 2 hours in the refrigerator
please note· Please do not heat more than the indicated time or heating other than microwave oven.
· Check the high frequency output (wattage) of the microwave oven and never heat it except for the heating time specified in the usage method.
· Overheating in warm or automatic mode will result in excessive overheating. Please do not absolutely.
· Do not give strong impact or touch pointed objects. (There is a fear of explosion)
· Do not hit the gel directly on your skin or hit the site for a long time. (There is a fear of low temperature burn)
· Please do not eat the inside of the gel bag.
· Please read carefully before using, please use.
Material· Gel bag · · · water, multivalent a Lu coil, polymer water absorbent resin, polyethylene · cover · · · Polyester
Country of originJapan China
Contact InformationKen You

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