Fujiwara Industry Chiyoshi obtained grass cutting (twin blade type) 160 mm DIY · garden sickle (bite)

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"Chiyoshi gained grass cutting (twin blade type) 160 mm" is one grinding grass cutting as it is able to grind weeds with this one, since it can extract from the roots. For weeding work. Because the blades are attached to both, you can pull out grass on either side of the left or right without changing the main body by work in a narrow place etc etc. If you use the cutting edge, weeds grown from the gap between concrete and block can be pulled out. It is a stainless steel blade that is hard to rust and hard to stain. It is hard to slip and it is a red pattern with abrasive grain which makes it stand out even in outdoor work. Pattern length: 220 mm. Blade length: 160 mm. Blade thickness: 2.3 mm. Hardness (blade part): 2.3 mm.


category DIY · Garden
Material item Sickle (bite)
Product brandChichichi
sizeWidth 340 x Height 165 x Length 60 mm, Weight 190 g
MaterialBlade: stainless steel. ● pattern part: tree.
Contact InformationFujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd.

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