Japan AI Sea Aladdin Graphite Heater Brown AEH-G421N-T Home Appliance Far Infrared Heater

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"Aladdin Graphite Heater Brown AEH - G421N - T" is a personal type far red graphite heater that can be used easily. Color / Brown.
"Thermostat" "Disaster-Prepared Dual Safety Overturning OFF Switch * (Pole Type)"
* Dual safety fall-over OFF switch for disaster-prevention type: Dual safety fall-down OFF switch is a mechanism that stops energization when the main body falls and tilts due to earthquake etc. Unlike fall-over OFF switch (push rod type etc.) In case of falling over, it will not be energized unless you bring up the product.


category Consumer electronics
Material item Far infrared heater
Product brandAladdin
Product SpecificationsDimensions: Height 535 x Width 190 x Length 190 mm (Including Platform)
Weight (weight): 1.2 kg
● Power consumption: 400 W
● Cord length: 1.5 m
Country of originChina

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