Synergy Trading MR.BEAMS LED Human Sensor Stairway for Corridor MB530 Home Appliance Sensor Light

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"MB.BEAMS LED human sensor sensor stairway corridor MB 530" is the definitive version of the stairway, corridor, Wood deck, veranda sensor light. If it is set to night light mode, it glows automatically when it gets dark. It can also be used as a regular street light, staircase light. Of course, it can also be used as a human sensor light.
"Outdoor" "Interior" "Illuminance 35 lumens" "Waterproof performance IPX 4"


category Consumer electronics
Material item Sensor light
please note● With the built-in illuminance sensor, the human sensor works after it gets dark.
● The life of dry batteries varies depending on the frequency of operation.
Product SpecificationsIlluminance: 35 lumens Sensing distance: Up to 4.5 m
Automatic turning off: 20/60 / night light irradiation area: 11 square meters Waterproof: IPX 4
Dry batteries used: AA 2 x 3
Estimated Battery Life: 12 months
Country of originChina

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