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"Doctor shawl Velvet smooth electric electric keratin remover Diamond replacement roller head Ultra 2 pieces entrance" is a replacement roller head which firmly removes the horny qualities of particularly hard gachi. All the roller heads (replacement) are now available for wet feet. Can be washed with water.
Ultra (super coarse)


category Cosmetics
Material item Horny care equipment / goods
Product brandDoctor shawl
Internal capacity2 pieces
how to use(1) Remove the transparent cover that protects the roller head (described as the file below the file).
(2) Please confirm that the head is set firmly in the main unit.
* Do not use in a state where the head is not included.
(3) Turn the silver ring part on the top of the main body grip to the left and turn on the switch. Apply to the part gently anxious as stroking the rotated head, remove hard keratin.
※ You can use it even on dry feet and wet feet.
※ If you press too strongly, the rotation of the roller may stop. When the roller stops, please separate it from the skin immediately.
(4) When the skin gets soft and smooth as you desire, care is completed. Please do it again when you can not feel it. Turn the silver ring part to the right and turn off the switch.
(5) Wipe off (or rinse off) excess keratin and realize a smooth finish.
● Doctor Shawl If you use the moisturizing item (sold separately) as the finishing care, it will be smooth to the skin.
please note[Warning / prohibition]
● Do not immerse the main body in water or use it in a humid place. Do not use with wet hands or touch batteries.
● Never disassemble, repair, or remodel.
● Do not use volatile organic solvents such as thinner and benzine when cleaning.
● Keep out of reach of children.
【Caution / Prohibition】
● Do not apply to the same part of the skin for 3-4 seconds or more.
● Do not use for parts of the body other than keratinous fat sticky.
● Do not use when the foot's skin is swollen, itching, fever, pain, scratches.
● Do not share with family members or others.
● Do not use in soft, skinny places.
● Do not store in direct sunlight.
● Do not try to use it unreasonably as the motor stops.
【Caution / Be sure to defend】
● If the skin gets red or if you smeared, stop using it.
● Observe purpose of use.
● Should you feel uncomfortable or abnormal during use, stop using it promptly and consult a dermatologist.
● Diabetes and people with poor circulation refrain from using.
Be careful not to catch hair or clothes.
● Horny is divided into several days and shaved little by little.
● Discontinue use when the main body gets hot.
Country of originChina

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