Sagami Rubber Industrial Sagami Squeeze Six Step Grip Shape Condom 5 Cond. Hygienic Medical Condom All

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"Sagami squeeze six-step grip shape condom 5 pcs." Is a condom with a strong pressure six-tiered grip shape that tightens over. Proprietary six-step grip shape to prevent dropout during use. Strong pressure of 6 steps narrowly adheres and it feels like a strong pressure seems to be gutted. The narrowest part Diameter (throttled part) is how 27 mm. It is easy to open. The contents are divided one by one and easy to take out. With a lubricant that can obtain a smooth feeling. Management medical equipment.


category Sanitary care
Material item All of condoms
Product brandSagami
Internal capacity5 pieces
Medical device certification number219ADBZX00166000
please note● Be sure to read this instruction manual before using this product.
● Keep in this package, please keep in cool dark place. Also, please do not keep it with volatile substances such as insect repellent.
● Proper use of condoms is effective for contraception and reduces the risk of infecting many other sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, but it does not guarantee 100% effect.
● The use of condoms is limited to one per piece. Please use a new condom each time.
Quality indication● Material: natural rubber latex ● color: pink ● type: 6-stage grip ● lubricant with smooth feeling of use
Country of originMalaysia
Contact InformationManufacturer Sagami Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. Customer consultation window TEL: 046-221-2311
(9: 00-17: 00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

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