Kowa Vantelin Kohwa Supporter Lower firm firmly pressurized type Normal (M) Blue Gray Male / female common use 1 sanitary medical supporter waist / belly

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"Vantelin Kohwa supporter for waist firmly pressurized type normal (M) blue gray shop for men and women" is supporter for waist with lower abdomen lift & back flexion suppression function. It supports more firmly from the lumbar spine to the pelvis with greater strength. Tight pressure type.
● firmly pressure type for waist ● unisex shared ● normal M (around the navel: 65-85 cm)


category Sanitary care
Material item Supporters for waist and belly
Product brandVantelin
ColorBlue gray
Features1. Cross-taping structure While restricting the twist of the waist, it supports from the lumbar spine to the pelvis by pressing and supporting from the upper part of the back waist to the lower abdomen, and firmly supports it.
2. Special shape back hard panel Fits the curve of the waist and supports the waist efficiently to support the waist with the hand. The panel can be removed, and posture correction and back flexion suppression function can be adjusted.
3. V-shaped mounting shape & adjustable auxiliary belt
By using a V-shaped mounting shape, you can effectively lift the lower abdomen. In addition, by firmly tightening and fixing the waist with the auxiliary belt, it prevents misalignment. Also, you can easily adjust the fixing force.
How to choose● Please measure the waist circumference (around the navel).
● People who fall under 2's, we recommend the big one.

※ This product is unisex.
Normal / M's: 65 - 85 cm
Large / L: 80-100 cm
Loose Loose / LLs: 95 - 115 cm
how to use※ Please be sure to wear it from above the underwear.
(1) Remove all auxiliary belt from the surface fastener of the main body.
(2) Hold the tag "top" so that it is on the right inner side.
(3) When viewing from the front, fix the hook and loop fastener so that the body becomes V-shaped (about 5 cm under the navel).
(4) Fasten the auxiliary belt to the main body while extending it, and adjust the tightening adjustment.

【Precautions for installation】
● Please be careful not to tighten too tight.
● When using for a long time, please repeat detachment moderately.
● If you do not need a panel or feel uncomfortable, please remove from the pocket and use.
● When using Cairo in combination, please do not use it for Inside of supporter because there is a risk of low temperature burn.
● Please note that clothing may be hurt with surface fasteners.
● If you feel uncomfortable, such as bad comfort, please discontinue use immediately.
Usage notes● What you should not do
1. Do not use next person
(1) A person who has abnormalities such as swelling and strong pain in the affected area due to bruises, fractures, etc.
(2) People who seem to have or have peripheral circulation disorder.
(3) A person who has abnormality such as scratches, swelling, eczema, etc. at the wearing site.
(4) Person with allergic constitution by chronic dermatitis and chemical fiber / rubber material.
(5) Persons who are pregnant or have the possibility of pregnancy.
2. Please do not use other than the specified part
3. Do not use items that do not match
4. Do not use while sleeping ● Consultation If you experience any of the following symptoms or other abnormalities during or after use, immediately stop using and consult your doctor.
Symptoms: rash / redness, itching, rash, congestion, abnormal pain, swelling, numbness, scarring
MaterialBody: Polyester, polypropylene, poly Urethane, Nylon
Surface fastener: Nylon 100%
Fringing tape: Polyester, poly Urethane
Panel: Holpropylene Buckle: Polyacetal
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationKowa Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Division Customer Center
TEL 03-3279-7560
Telephone reception hours Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) 9: 00-17: 00

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