Petio Petio Cat Cat Snack Dry Kama Variety Pack Kamijin · Tuna Flavor · Chirashi Flavor 36 g (3 bags) Pet Supplies Slice Treat (For Cat)

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"Petio Cat Snack Dry Kama Variety Pack Kami taste · tuna taste · chirashi taste 36 g (3 bags)" is an assortment of 3 kinds of dried bears packed with delicious seafood. Pleasant snacks to the body that platted the taste of seafood and taurine in a kamaboko. It is perfect for trying because it is a small bag.
Three assorted assorted crab, tuna taste, and chin-taste flavors.
● For cat species ● for snack


category Pet Supplies
Material item Sliced ​​snack (for cats)
Product brandPetio (Petio)
Internal capacity12 g × 3 species
how to useGive each child 1-2 times a day, taking into consideration the health condition of a cat, the age, the amount of exercise, as a guideline based on the salary amount indicated separately.
please note● This product is for cats, for snacks. Please do not give it as staple food.
● Depending on how to eat cats and habits, you may clog your throat so please be sure to give it while observing.
● Please observe the salary amount given in the appendix and the preservation method.
● If children give pets, adults should witness.
● Avoid direct sunlight hot and humid place please save.
● After opening, always close the chuck and save it in the refrigerator, please give it as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.【Ingredients name】
● Kami taste: seafood (white fish · crab), starch, salt, vegetable fat, sorbitol, seasoning (amino acid etc), coloring (red juice · gardenia), taurine ● Tuna flavor: fish and shellfish White fish · scallops · tuna extract), starch, wheat protein, salt, vegetable fat and oil, sorbitol, seasoning (amino acid etc.), emulsifier, coloring (caramel · gardenia), fragrance, taurine ● chin- Class (white fish / baked chopstick), starch, vegetable oil, salt, sorbitol, seasoning (amino acid etc.), coloring (caramel · red juice), taurine 【Assurance component value】
● Kami taste: protein content of 22.0% or more, lipid content of 3.0% or more, crude fiber content of 0.2% or less, ash content of 7.0% or less, water content of 15.0% or less ● tuna flavor: protein content of 22.0% or more, lipid content of 3.0% Ash content: 7.0% or less, water content: 15.0% or less ● Chigame taste: 18.0% or more of protein, 3.5% or more of lipid, 0.2% or less of crude fiber, 6.5% or less of ash content, 15.0%
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationPetio Customer Inquiry Office
TEL 0120-133-035
Reception hours except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9: 00-12: 00/13: 00-17: 00

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