Kowa three-dimensional throat moisture mask slightly smaller MSs 3 sanitary medical wet mask · moisture mask

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"Three-dimensional throat moisture mask slightly smaller MS slices 3" is a sleeping mask that supports comfortable omissions with a high moisture pad. Moisture lasts 12 hours *. With a special structure not missing moisture from the throat, plenty of humidified pad humidified the throat comfortably for a long time. Secure mouth space with three-dimensional structure to eliminate breathlessness. It is difficult to stickiness with the adoption of smooth sheet. Moreover, "High stretch round oval string" is soft and comfortable wearing comfort per ear. You can use it even during the day.
Patch tested (It does not mean that skin irritation does not occur to all people.)
* Water retention duration of moisture pad (according to maker test). It depends on usage environment.
● Countermeasures against cold · pollen · dust · drying etc ● Smaller MSs ● Plain / White ● 3 separate packages (3 masks and 3 special moisturizing pads)


category Sanitary care
Material item Wetting mask · Moisturizing mask
Product brandThree-dimensional mask
Internal capacityThree (3 humidifying pads)
how to use(1) Extend the fold of Pleated vertically and spread the mask.
(2) Remove the humidification pad from the Aluminum bag, put the rounded corner down and put it in the mask pocket as far as possible.
(3) Please wear it with the direction that you can read "KOWA HEALTHCARE" outside.
Usage notes● Do not use small children or those who can not remove / remove this item by your own will, or those with abnormality in respirator.
● Since this product is an exhausted type, it can not be washed and reused. From the hygiene side and the functional side, please also use the mask and the humidification pad once a day.
● Please open the moisture pad just before use.
● Do not put the moisturizing pad in your mouth.
● This product has no effect on toxic gas and harmful dust.
● If you feel sick with a mask or a moisturizing pad odor, feel breathless, please discontinue use.
● If you have any abnormality on your skin, please do not use.
● If itching or rash occurs, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
● Please do not use near the fire.
● Eyeglasses may be clouded by environmental factors, individual differences, etc. Please be careful when driving, etc.
● Since the humidification pad uses natural pulp, there is a possibility that it is yellowish, but there is no effect on quality and function.
● Small spots (black or yellow) may be rarely found on the surface of the humidification pad or on the inside. This is a part of seeds of Cotton flowers, and it is safe to use.
please noteParaben and CPC (cetylpyridinium chloride) are blended in the moisturizing pad.
Quality indicationMasks: 90 mm x 160 mm
Number of sheets: 3 (3 humidifying pads)
Object: cold · pollen · dust · drying etc Material: [Body · filter part] polyethylene, polypropylene, Polyester [ear string part] Polyester, poly Urethane [moisturizing pad] pulp, polyethylene, polypropylene
Contact InformationKowa Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Division Customer Consultation Center
TEL 03-3279-7560
Telephone reception hours Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) 9: 00-17: 00

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