Sanko Shokai Bird Feeder Comfort Feeder Pet Supplies Cage & Accessories (for Birds and Birds)

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"Comfort feeder for small birds", the clear body is a cage with little stimulation of color. Full coverage makes it difficult for the shell of the seed to scatter outside the cage. Easy to eat with round bottom and wide step.


category Pet Supplies
Material item Cages and accessories (for birds and small birds)
Product brandSANKO (Sanko Shokai)
sizeW 115 x D 83 x H 140 mm
please note● This product is an external dish for small birds. Please do not use it for other purpose and corresponding living body.
● When you feel dangerous depending on the situation, please be careful to use.
● Impact may cause damage. Please check the usage and consumption condition carefully and check while checking the safety.
MaterialTop cover: PS, door lock: PP, base tray: ABS
Country of originChina
Contact InformationSanko Shokai Co., Ltd.

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