Aim Creations Mu Galligaliso Fur Interior Mini Tea Brown Pet Supplement Cat Nail Polish (nail polish)

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"Mugarigaliso Fur Interior Mini Tea Brown" is a sofa type crouching type nail nib for exclusive use of love that love cats developed for relaxation. It is a very pleasant shape when you relax like a sofa, not to mention the nail clippers in the middle. Inside all use nail clippers of cardboard so that cat loves cats everywhere. Interior style that colors living with cats nicely, adopting wood grain color of natural tea brown.


category Pet Supplies
Material item Cat nail nail (nail shine)
Product brandmju: (Mu)
Product SpecificationsMain body: 420 x 225 x 105 mm
Material: paper, cardboard
Country of originChina
Contact InformationAim Creations Ltd.
TEL: 048-971-1417

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