Yokoi Sun Million High Adhesion Air Clean Mask Usually 50 sheets sanitary medical mask all

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"San Million High Adhesion Air Clean Mask Standard 50 Pieces" is a mask that adopts a filter that cuts pollen by 99%. It adopts a filter that cuts 99% of fine particles (splashes containing viruses) in the air. Three-layer structure Three dimensional processing space clear to mouth. Because the high repulsion center bar makes space in the mouth, it is easy to breathe. Douachi fits perfectly on the cheek. Easy wide wide ear rubber, hard to hurt ear hurt even for a long time use.


category Sanitary care
Material item All masks
Product brandSun Million
Internal capacity50 sheets
how to use(1) Check the top and bottom of the mask, spread out the Pleated (fold) up and down, and let the mask become three-dimensional.
(2) Apply the mask to the face, align the nose fitter with the shape of the nose and extend it under the chin.
(3) Please put a mask on the ear while hanging on the ear while fitting it to the face.
please note· Do not use in locations where harmful dust, gas or the like is generated or for the purpose of preventing it.
· If itching, rash, rash etc. occur, please stop using it immediately.
· If your mood gets worse due to the smell of the mask, please discontinue use.
- Please keep in a clean place with less humidity.
· Please keep out of reach of children.
· Because this product is used up, it can not be reused by washing.
· Metal is not used.
· Please do not use it by the fire.
Product Specifications· Masks · · · 175 * 95 mm
Material● Name / Name: Non-woven fabric mask ● Material: · Body · · · Polypropylene · Ear section · · · Polyester, Poly Urethane
· Nose fitter · · · polyethylene · cup keeper · · · polypropylene
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationYokoi
468-0056 Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City 601, 1 - chome Shimada Temporary District

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