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"Salty baths sweat" Esthetic mood Hot ginger fragrance 500 g "is a bath salt containing minerals. Natural salt + salt combination of Dead Sea. A relaxed breath with a warm bath in a cold body. Let's take a relaxing bath in the end of the day.
Recommended hot water temperature 38 - 40 degrees.
● The scent of hot ginger ● 500 g (16 times)
● Hot colored hot orange


category Daily necessities
Material item All of bathing agent
Internal capacity500 g
how to useAfter putting hot water (200 L) in your home bath, put 30 g with the attached spoon, please stir well and stir bath.
※ Please be sure to put this product after putting hot water in the bathtub. Depending on the material of the bathtub, if this product is attached directly to the bathtub, it may rarely color.
※ Please do not use the remaining water for washing.
※ Please do not use hot water in the bathtub for shampooing.
please note● This product can not be eaten.
● If you swallow in large amounts, please take measures such as drinking water.
● This product is bath salt for bathing. Please do not rub directly on your skin.
● If there is abnormality on your skin, please stop using it when it does not fit your skin.
● When abnormality such as irritation appears during use or after use, stop using and recommend consultation with a skin specialist etc.
● When the bathing fee enters the eyes, rinse with water immediately without rubbing ● Because it will remain in the bottom of the bathtub for a while until crystals of the sea salt melt, please come in after dissolving well.
● This product contains no sulfur that will damage the bathtub or bathtub.
● Avoid using it in an artificial marble bathtub, 24 hours bath.
● Please do not use for purposes other than bathing.
● Please drop the bathtub Stain with a detergent bathtub earlier. As time passes, it will be difficult to fall off, colors of this product may adhere and color may arrive.
All componentsSea salt, Mg sulfate, silica, ginger rhizome extract, capsicum fruit extract, Indian pepper fruit extract, repagermanium, vanillybutyl, ethanol, water, BG, red 102, yellow 5, perfume
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationMAX Corporation
TEL 072-994-5045
Reception hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)

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