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"A flat net with a bath in a bath and one net" is a net that allows you to use the top of a bathtub efficiently and flatten. You can easily dry the sweater · Knit kind well. Rain and ultraviolet rays, pollen and dust can not be badly heated inside the room.


category Daily necessities
Material item Washing net
Product brandDaiya (diamond)
how to use● It can be used in a bathtub less than 80 cm in depth.
● If you can not put it in a bathtub with a depth of 80 cm or more, it may fall.
● It may not be used depending on the shape of the bathtub or edge.
● Storage method
1. Hold the ends of the product so that the back of your hand faces up and the back of your hand faces down.
Torsion in 2.8 and make the directions of both hands the same.
3. Keep both hands closer while further twisting.
4. Overlap each other as three loops are formed.
5 Prepare the three wheels to be the same size.
6. Secure with a belt.
please note● Since it opens vigorously, please be careful about eyes, face, children and open in a wide place.
● To prevent accidents and damage, please do not use other than hanging clothes.
● Check each part before use and do not use if there is a damaged part.
● To prevent damage to clothing, please follow the indication of drying method.
● Please use water from the bathtub.
● Please do not use it except on the bathtub.
● Please put on clothing in a well-balanced manner.
● Because there is a risk of breakage, please do not place objects more than 600 g.
● To prevent accidents and breakage, please do not put in place where it is near fire or hot, place with things below, place where people pass.
● Since the iron core will rust, please do not use it underwater or deliberately wet it.
Quality indication● Body: Polyester, iron core ● Corner guard: PVC resin ● Approximate dry clothes (load capacity 600 g)
1 for men's L 's sweaters ● 60 x 75 cm
Country of originChina
Contact InformationDiamond Corporation
TEL: 03-3381-5454

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