Diamond Corporation diamond net for pillow 1 square piece entrance ware washing net

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"One square piece for a diamond washing net pillow" can wash the pillow washable with a washing machine, and it can be dried with a hanger at home. Since the fastener cover is attached, it prevents the fastener from opening during washing. Can wash pillow with sunshine with sun dried.


category Daily necessities
Material item Washing net
Product brandDaiya (diamond)
how to use● When washing pillows (Please use while keeping on net from washing to dehydration.)
1. Remove the pillow cover, put a pillow on this product, and securely close the fastener.
2. Please completely wash the detergent in the washing tub and then put it in the washing machine.

● When drying the pillow
1. Pull out the hanger pocket and insert the hanger.
2. Stop the hook and hang it on a clothespin.
※ Please do not use in the dryer.
please note【To prevent accidental use】
● Please do not use other than pillow washing and drying.
● Do not use for business use.
● Please use according to the instruction manual of the washing machine.
● Using this product can not prevent deformation or damage of the pillow.
● This product is not intended to prevent deformation, breakage and Fade of the pillow.
● Because this product uses mesh fabric, it may stretch due to washing.
Quality indication● Body: Polyester
● S: Horizontal 70 x Vertical 40 cm
● Washable pillow measures: Up to 63 cm long x 43 cm wide ※ Only available in washing machine washable items.
※ Do not Lamb formula
Country of originChina
Contact InformationDiamond Corporation
TEL: 03-3381-5454

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