Diamond Corporation Diamond 3 Hangers Not to Shape Foaming Supplies Hanger

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"Three bottles of hangers that do not collapse" are hangers that can be dried as they are wearing. A smile cut that can be hung without stretching the goblins. Slide Shoulder that can be adjusted according to the shoulder width.


category Daily necessities
Material item Hanger
Product brandDaiya (diamond)
please note● Please do not use this product except for drying laundry.
● Check each part before use and do not use it when there is abnormality or damage.
● Do not use for heavy clothing such as jackets.
● Knit products etc. may be deformed.
● To prevent accidents, please do not use outdoors in strong wind.
● Please keep it indoors after use.
● When exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it may deteriorate · Discolors may occur.
● To prevent accidents and breakage, please do not use in places near fire or in high temperature, in places where there are things or people pass by.
Quality indication● Body: polypropylene ● Load capacity: 1kg
Width: 30 - 41 cm (slide)
● Contents: 3
Country of originVietnam
Contact InformationDiamond Corporation
TEL: 03-3381-5454

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