Diameter Corporation Diamond Shaving Holders 1 piece Cosmetic Women's Shaver (Razor) Holder

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"One holder for exclusive use of diamond razor" is a holder that can store the razor on the wall of the place to be used all the time, such as a bathroom and a washroom. Razors for women are also hung.


category Cosmetics
Material item Lady shaver (razor) holder
Product brandDaiya (diamond)
please note● If you have Stain · dust · moisture · oil · wax etc. on the mounting surface of the sucker, please wipe it well and install it.
● Please observe load capacity (300 g).
● Please do not hang anything other than T-shaped razor.
● There are razors that can not be hung, depending on the shape of the head.
● When hanging a razor, please make sure that it hangs securely.
● The razor is a knife. Please handle with care.
Quality indication● Hook · Body: Styrene roll ● Suction cup: PVC resin ● Place attached: Transparent GlaStainleStainless Steel Steel · Mirror · Glazed tile · stainleStainleStainless Steel Steel steel surface · Yu Knit bus and other plastic surfaces ● Load capacity: 300 g
● The sucker will easily break off as you pull the patch.
● When sucker becomes difficult to attach, please dry well after attaching to hot water of about 80 degrees and please use.
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationDiamond Corporation
TEL: 03-3381-5454

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