Nexta garbage series Washbasin with poi! (20 pieces) Day garbage bag

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"Garbage series washbasins with poppies! (20 sheets)" is a self-contained garbage bag to use in a washbasin / bathroom. Even wet garbage is OK. Makeup Cotton, contact etc.


category Daily necessities
Material item Garbage bag
Product brandGarbage Poi
how to usePlease spread the bag and use it as a garbage bag in a sink or a bathroom.
please note● Please keep out of reach of children and children. (Danger of suffocation etc is involved if you make a mistake in use.)
● Do not place near fire or direct sunlight.
● Peel may occur if you insert protrusions, so please be careful.
● Since friction may cause colors to clothes, please do not rub.
Quality indication● Material Resin: High Density Polyethylene ● Cooling Temperature: -30 degrees ● Dimension: Vertical 140 x Horizontal 180 mm (Bottom gusset 100 mm)
Number of sheets ●: 20 sheets
Country of originPhilippines
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