Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Pokka Sapporo Crocodile Reverence Dining Chestnut Pumpkin's Rich Potage Bag 150 g × 5 Food Potage Soup

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"Pokka Sapporo thoroughly carefree reward dining chestnut pumpkin rich pottage bags 150 g x 5 pieces", I made delicious soup with care and coffee, with my time and affection. It is an extravagant rich potato (retort pouch soup) that you can taste the overwhelming sense of texture of chestnut pumpkin, deep rich taste. Per bag / 134 kcal. 1 serving / 150 g.
Descriptions such as best-before date are listed in the package in the order of year / month / day.


category Food
Material item Potage soup
Product brandCarefully
Internal capacity150 g × 5 pieces
Allergic substances contained in raw materialsWheat, milk ingredients, soy, chicken
If you enjoy【When you can warm up with a microwave oven】
● Estimated heating time
500 W: 1 min 20 sec, 600 W: 1 min 10 sec * heating by 1 bag each ※ heating time varies depending on model, output

(1) Please spread the bottom of the bag sufficiently, be sure to stand without stopping the seal and place it in the center of the microwave oven and heat.
※ Please do not heat more than two at the same time.
※ Please stop heating with commercial microwave ovens.
※ If the bag touches the ceiling, please transfer it to a heat-resistant container and wrap it and warm it.
(2) Beware of burns, take out the bag with "hold" and take out the bag with it, and transfer it to the plate.

● Note ※ Although there may be sound during heating, there are no problems in quality or safety.
※ During heating, the bag will swell, but please be assured that steam will escape from the steam mouth.
※ If you warm outside the display microwave oven condition, contents may spur out from the steam mouth, bags may fall over and spill out.
Please note that the bag and contents become hot after heating ※.
※ After heating can not be saved, please enjoy as soon as possible.

【When warming with hot water】
Without making the seal, put it in boiling water in boiling water, boil for 5 minutes without lid, please pay attention to burns and transfer to the plate.
please note● Auto (automatic) heating impossible ● Orbosta · Orben impossible ● Burning attention ● Black brown materials from raw materials and pumpkin seeds may be seen, but quality is not a problem.
Preservation methodAvoid high temperature, humidity, direct sunlight and store at room temperature
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Name: soup ● Ingredient name: Food mainly made from pumpkin puree (chestnut pumpkin), pumpkin (chestnut pumpkin), white roux, sugar, milk etc, chicken extract, milpore paste, salt / thickener (processed starch) , Seasonings (amino acids etc.), emulsifiers, fragrances, spice extracts (including wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, chicken in part)
● Nutritional information display: energy per serving (150 g): 134 kcal, protein: 2.3 g, lipid: 5.7 g, carbohydrate: 18.5 g, salt equivalent: 1.1 g
Contact InformationInquiries Customer consultation room
TEL: 0120-885547
9 o'clock - 17 o'clock (excluding weekends and holidays)

Seller Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. 4-2-29 Sakae Naka-ku, Nagoya City

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