Higashima Soy Sauce Higashimaru Maru Incorporated Cooked Ingredients Rice Seasoning Scalloped and Tailored 24 g × 2 Bag Hood Cooked Bowl of Rice

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"Higashimaru Maru cooked rice cooked rice seasoning scalloped and tailored 24g x 2 bags" is the element of cooked rice. With domestically grown barley and scallop soup with rice cake texture, you can easily cook rice with taste well.
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category Food
Material item Cooked rice ingredients
Product brandHigashimaru
Internal capacity24 g × 2 bags
Usage notesAfter opening the pouch, seal it when it is not used up once, please use it before it solidifies.
please note● For quality preservation, rice cooker immediately when using, please do not cook timer pre-cooked and keep warm.
● Since rice cooking methods may differ depending on the type of rice cooker, please refer to the instruction manual.
● If you are using non-rinsed rice, adjust the water to match the indication of your non-rinsed rice, put this product and ingredients in water for a while so that the core does not remain, please cook.
Preservation methodSave at room temperature away from humidity
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.Name: Rice cooked rice seasoning Ingredients: barley, sugar, salt, dextrin, powdered soy sauce, pork extract, sesame, yeast extract, onion powder, scallops extract, clam extract, chicken extract, shiitake extract, bonito Sesame · soybean · chicken · pork)
Nutritional information indication (per bag (24 g))
Energy 81 kcal, Protein 1.7 g, Lipid 0.3 g, Carbohydrate 17.9 g, Salt equivalent amount 3.4 g
Contact InformationHigashima Soy Sauce Customer Consultation Room
TEL: 0791-63-4635

Seller: Higashimaru Soy Oil Co., Ltd. Hyogo Prefecture Tatsunoichi Tatsunocho Mitanaga 100-3

Manufacturer: Higashimaru Foods Co., Ltd. Hyogo Prefecture Tatsunoichi Tatsuno chochi Nippon 188

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