Ka Ruby 【case sale】 Fulgura Rich Taste Tropical 600g x 6 Bag Food Granola crunch

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"[Case sale] Full grill rich taste tropical tropical 600 g x 6 bags" is a fruit granola that has been rich in richness and aroma from usual fullgra. You can enjoy the luxurious rich and fragrant coconut. Passion fruit 2.5 times, mango 1.5 times topping. Exquisite match of sweet and sour and deep flavor of coconut.
* There are times when the exterior box has damaged · Scratch, but please understand.
Descriptions such as best-before date are listed in the package in the order of year / month / day.


category hood
Material item Granola crunch
Product brandFruit granola (Fullgra)
Internal capacity600 g × 6 bags
Allergic substances contained in raw materialsMilk ingredients · wheat · soybeans
please noteKeep tightly closed after opening ●, keep away from humidity, please enjoy as soon as possible.
● There are hard items depending on the material. Serve well.
● In rare cases, since rice grains (fir) originating from raw materials that can not be removed on processing may remain, please be careful.
● The size and quantity of fruits vary depending on the bag.
Preservation methodDo not store in direct sunlight, hot and humid place.
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Name: Breakfast cereal ● Ingredients: oats, wheat flour, sugar, coconut, coconut chips, vegetable oil, rye flour, rice flour, maltodextrin, cornflower, dried papaya, coconut milk powder, passion fruit processed goods, mango processed goods Water soluble dietary fiber, salt, brown rice flour, wheat bran / glycerin, modified starch, fragrance, iron citrate Na, acidulant, cellulose, emulsifier (including soybeans), antioxidant (vitamin E), niacin , Carotenoid pigment, Ca pantothenate, vitamin A, vitamin B 6, bleach (sulfite), vitamin B 1, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B 12
● Nutritional information table: Energy per serving (50 g): 238 kcal, protein: 3.9 g, lipid: 10.8 g, cholesterol: 0 mg, carbohydrate: 33.2 g, carbohydrate: 29.2 g, dietary fiber: 4.0 g, salt equivalent: 0.2 g, potassium: 158 mg, calcium: 16 mg, phosphorus: 91 mg, iron: 5.0 mg, vitamin A: 257 μg, vitamin D: 1.84 μg, vitamin B 1: 0.40 mg, niacin: 4.4 mg, vitamin B 6: 0.44 μg, vitamin B 12 : 0.80 μg, folic acid: 80 μg, pantothenic acid: 1.6 mg
● Nutrition information table: when applying 200 ml of milk energy: 375 kcal, protein: 10.7 g, lipid: 18.6 g, cholesterol: 25 mg, carbohydrate: 43.1 g, carbohydrate: 39.1 g, dietary fiber: 4.0 g, salt equivalent: Vitamin A: 335 μg, Vitamin D: 1.84 μg, Vitamin B 1: 0.48 mg, Niacin: 4.6 mg, Vitamin B 6: 0.50 μg, Vitamin B 6: 0.50 μg, Vitamin B 12: 0.5 g, potassium: 468 mg, calcium: 243 mg, phosphorus: : 1.42 μg, folic acid: 90 μg, pantothenic acid: 2.7 mg
Country of originJapan
Contact InformationKa Ruby Co., Ltd. 1-8-3 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Customer consultation room: 0120-55-8570

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