Marugo Shoji ichoni oolong tea Spring tea 130 g water · drinks ichovi oolong tea (frozen oolong tea)

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"Ice-colored oolong tea spring tea 130 g" was finished using only the fine spring tea cultivated at the altitude of 1,000 m above the altitude of the mountain of Luka Township, famous for the origin of Oolong Oolong Tea.
● It is characterized by the fragrance, mellowness and sweetness remaining in the mouth after drinking spread into the mouth.
Descriptions such as best-before date are listed in the package in the order of year / month / day.


category Water · Beverage
Material item Ice-colored ice cream (frozen oolong tea)
Internal capacity130 g
please noteWhen pouring hot water into a pot, cup, etc., there is a danger of burns, so please be careful enough.
Preservation methodDirect sunlight, avoiding heat and humidity, store at normal temperature
Raw material name · Nutrition ingredients etc.● Name · Name: ichova oolong tea ● Raw material name: tea (semi-fermented tea)
● Nutritional information display: Energy per cup of tea (100 ml): 0 kcal, Protein: 0 mg, Lipid: 0 mg, Carbohydrate: 0.1 mg, Salt equivalent: 0 mg
Contact InformationManufacturer Maruzo Corporation Shoji Co., Ltd. 1-5-3 Toyomatoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

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