Towa Sangyo Easy zipper Futon compression pack L for large futon 2 pieces of packs Daily necessities Duvet compression bag and storage bag

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"Raku zipper Futon compression pack L for 2 large futons" is a compression bag for large futons. With easy opening and closing slider. Easy opening and closing of the chuck. Light and smooth. It does not lose being attached to the main body. 2 sheets.


category Daily necessities
Material ・ Item Duvet compression bag / storage bag
Product brandTOWA (Towa Industry)
how to use1. Before storing the futon, be sure to dry the futon well with a sun or futon dryer, remove dust and dirt, and keep it clean.
2. Open the compression pack chuck.
3. Put the futon into the compression pack.
4. Close the chuck.
5. Aspirate the air in the compression pack.
please notePlease keep out of reach of small children ●. Wearing a compression pack may cause suffocation.
● Please do not use other than textile products such as futon which is the original purpose.
● In addition to the flat suction port of a general vacuum cleaner, the valve of this product is compatible with the convex suction port (convex part: width 20 mm, height 5 mm or less) of foreign manufacturers vacuum cleaner. However, please be aware that it does not support suction ports that have a large gap when touching the valve or a special shape that is difficult to contact.
● Suction may not be possible if the suction power is low with a handy type or stand (stick) type vacuum cleaner.
● Never fold the chuck part. Deformation may cause air leakage.
● If foreign matter such as fiber or dust gets caught in the chuck, it may cause air leakage, so lightly wipe the inside of the chuck with a damp cloth and then close the chuck. (Be sure to squeeze the cloth well as it may cause mold if the moisture of the cloth is high.)
● Do not drag or throw the compression pack.
Quality indicationBody ●: Polyethylene, Nylon
● Valve: polyethylene
Slider: Polyacetal
● Z: 130 (chuck width) x 100 (depth) cm
● Indication of stored items
1 piece for single futon (long)
Single sheet futon 1 sheet
One double hung futon (six fold)
1 sheet if it is a double-layered futon (4 fold)
● Contents: 2 sheets
Country of originChina
Contact information● Contact
Mon-Fri 9 o'clock-17 o'clock (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

● Display person
Towa Industry Co., Ltd.


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